A homemade super healthy juice

Sekanjebin and Serke Angabin are two famous syrups in Islamic medicine that are widely used for many diseases and health complaints.

1260 different types of this syrup are mentioned in books. Some scholars believe that if a Hakim knows all of these, there would no longer be a need for other medicines.

The syrup is added to water to make a pleasant tasting juice. It works by helping the body humors come into balance and by detoxifying important organs such as the liver, heart and brain.
People suffering from blood pressure issues, fatty liver, acidity and gastritis, liver malfunction, etc. are all recommended to drink the juice for 40 to 120 days.
Sekanjebin used to be one of the most favoured beverages of the Iranian people, so even those who are healthy can enjoy and benefit from this delicious juice.

? Honey 500g or brown sugar (from sugarcane) 1kg
? Fresh drinking water (with no chlorine) 2 cups
? Natural Vinegar 100 ML
? Mint 150g

1- Wash and blend the mint in a blender and then strain it to get the juice out of the leaves.
2- Add half of the mint juice with the water and honey and leave it to boil. While boiling, add the rest of the mint juice and vinegar gradually.
3- Remove the skin from the juice and when it becomes heavy like a syrup (roughly after two thirds have evaporated and one third has remained) remove from the stove and allow it to cool down.

Method #2:
1- Wash the mint leaves and use string to tie them into bunches.
2- Add the vinegar, water and honey or brown sugar together and leave to boil.
3 – While the mixture is boiling, add in the mint bunches to allow their flavour and fragrance to infuse. Then, once it has reached the right constistency (roughly after two thirds have evaporated and one third has remained) remove it from the stove and allow it to cool down.

? To prepare the juice add two tablespoons of the syrup to a glass, fill the rest with water then it is ready to drink.

? You can add a tablespoon of rose water to make the syrup smell nice and this also helps constipation.
? You can drink this juice everyday especially at night
?You can give it to people of any age but make sure it is not sour.
?You can use it as a sauce for your salads
?In Iranian culture, people used to immerse lettuce into Serke Angabin and eat it in the evenings.
?If you want to make it in a larger quantity, make sure you multiply the dosages of the ingredients correctly.
?In Iran you can get this juice ready made.

?? Note: if you use sugar in this juice it is called Sekanjebin and if you use honey it is called Serke Angabin (which means vinegar + honey).

?In some cases, such as excess Safra in the body, you can use Barberry (Zereshk) juice instead of vinegar to decrease the level of Safra and cool down the body (Prof. Kheir Andish).

✅ There are many other things Hakims add to this base ingredients to cure specific diseases. For example: fennel seed syrup to cure an imbalance in female hormones; Chicory (Kaasni) juice to cure liver issues; Beed Meshk to cure heart disease; rose water to cure constipation and depression. The list can go on, equating to 1260 different types of this syrup.


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