All about acidity and how to cure it:


Acidity is a misbehavior of the stomach, which can lead to severe issues for the stomach and even stomach cancer if not taken seriously.

When suffering from acidity the person feels a sour taste in the throat and burning in the tummy and when he/she burps, it brings a sour taste in to the mouth.

?? The reasons behind acidity:

One of the reasons for acidity is following a wrong diet and eating habits. When you drink water or liquids between your meals or immediately after, the digestive juices become diluted watery and cannot carry out their duty of digesting the various food groups. Therefore the food remains undigested and gets spoilt.
The natural job of the stomach is to help rid the body of harmful materials. When acidity occurs, the stomach struggles to push food towards the intestines and when it fails, it pushes them up towards the mouth instead.
So be careful to avoid drinking water with your food and if you fear getting thirsty then consume foods that have a higher liquid content such as curries.

Another common reason for acidity is when the digestive system and especially the stomach gradually becomes cold. This is because the stomach needs heat to be able to digest foods efficiently.

How to cure acidity:

You should keep the stomach warm by avoiding cold-natured foods such as: ice, ice cream, black tea, drinking excess water, tomato, cucumber, dairy products, eating sour foods, overeating, chips (crisps), sodas, fast foods, junk foods as well as white bread. These foods interrupt the digestive system and cause damage in the long term.

Until you recover the stomach to its balanced state and temperature, it is better to avoid heavy and oily foods such as beef.

We should consume warm-natured foods such as oil-less fried sesame (for instant and long-term relief)
Honey, nuts, dates, whole wheat soups, wholemeal bread, grape or date syrup, etc.

Thyme, cumin and sesame help to improve the health of the stomach.

Applying olive or sesame oil on the stomach every day also helps to recover the stomach.

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