All about Blood Pressure


? Regarding blood pressure, if the amount of Safra is reduced in the blood, blood becomes heavy in the veins and cannot move inside the capillaries and therefore the person feels cold fingers and toes. Blood pressure occurs due to this blockage and stagnance in the blood.
??If most of the blood material in this case is Dam, it is called warm blood pressure and if most of it is Balqam it is a cold blood pressure.

? *The signs of warm blood pressure:*

?Red face
?Red veins in the eyes
Red lips (sometimes cracked)
?Bleeding gums
?Veins on the neck would be visible
?Feeling heavy in the head

? *The signs of cold blood pressure:*

?Feeling heavy and tired in the body and brain
?Feeling sleepy
?Pulse is weak

✔️ *Cure for warm blood pressure:*

1?drinking a cup of Sekanjebin juice or a tablespoon of “natural vinegar” after each meal
2?Hijamah 2 or 3 times in every 2 weeks for men, each month for women
3?One tablespoon of Dosin every 8 hrs

♦️ In case the blood pressure exceeds the maximum, you can prick the fingers with a sterilized needle and release a couple of drops of blood.

✔️ *Cure for cold blood pressure:*
1?Consuming warm natured foods
2? Drinking saffron or orange blossom tea daily
3? A tablespoon of Dosin every 8 hrs

?? In conventional medicine the medicines prescribed do not cure blood pressure issues permanently but they dilate blood vessels to solve the issue temporarily. They also have side effects that in the long term cause weakness, fatigue, weak pulse, feeling sleepy often, etc.

In Islamic medicine there is a herb to dialate the blood vessels such as black seed but it is not a permanent cure and it should be ground then mixed with honey (making ‘dosin’).
If black seed is swallowed as it is, it increases blood pressure but if chewed and swollowed it works well in bringing down blood pressure.

? *Islamic medicine group*

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