All About Ovarian Cysts

What Is an Ovarian Cyst?

? When a girl is just a fetus, her ovary makes 7 million eggs and only half of these will remain when she is born. When she becomes mature, one egg will be released during every period.
Having an ovarian cyst is not necessarily considered a disease as it is normal for the ovary to create cysts. The ovaries make a follicle every month which is like a cyst and usually mistaken for a cyst.
Once the size of these cysts reaches 3 or 4 cm, it is considered an actual cyst. Otherwise, less than that is normal.

What causes ovary cysts?

? Cysts appear when the place we live in is humid. The cause of a cyst is due to having excess Balqam or phlegm in that specific organ such as the ovaries, kidney, liver, etc.

? A simple way to help this issue is to reduce the humidity of your house or place where you live. You should also increase the warmth of the area and let the air circulate more.

? Eating chocolates, oily and fried foods, cold natured foods, drinking cold water and taking a bath during the period are the most common reasons for getting ovarian cysts.

? Another important reason for cysts in women is stress and feeling worried all the time. If they do not control their stress and negative thinking, no medicine will work for them.

How to prevent and cure cysts?

?Firstly, you should avoid cold natured foods.

?Exercise and massaging the tummy muscles with warm oils like black seed or olive oil and keeping the tummy warm are recommended.

?If the person avoids dairy and animal products for 42 days, the cyst will disappear by itself.

?The last piece of advice is to avoid stress and try looking at things positively as this is the best cure.

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  1. Asra Ali says:

    Sir even if the person is on steroids these dietary precaution has to be followed…
    Next can soya beans be taken in cyst.
    Won’t message be harmful if the cyst are big.

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