All you need to know about diabetes


Human’s body is based on 4 humors: Blood, Phlegm, yellow bile, and Black bile. They should be kept in balance otherwise the excess of each in any of organ can be the reason a disease.

Diabetes occurs because of excess black bile in the body which starts from pancreas and then spreads to all parts of body. As sauda or black bile has a cold nature, there for this issue appears in the lower organs like legs. For example the diabetic wounds appear in the legs rather than head or hands; because the lower organs, the colder they are. ( same in the nature, cold weather moves down and hot air moves up) so diabetes are 2 types: warm and cold

The warm type is not common these days and most of the diabetes today is cold diabetes, meaning it happens because of excess coldness. So the first simple cure is warm type of foods to remove the coldness.
A wonderful and great cure for diabetes that is highly recommended is a regular walking. Because while walking, the settled black bile in the legs moves up and yellow bile or warmness circulates in the legs.

If the amount of settled black bile in the legs goes in excess and the amount of yellow bile goes to zero, a small wound can become a big diabetic wound. (Note that the warmness of body is because of yellow bile which is made in our liver. So the yellow bile should circulate in the veins to keep the body warm. If organs like toes or fingers are usually cold, that’s when yellow bile is not reaching in to these organs due to either blockage in the veins or lack of yellow bile in the body or other reasons.)

Now in modern medicine to help yellow bile reach the wound and feet and prevent the other consequences, they cut the leg as much as needed, meaning they make the wound reach the yellow bile, while in Islamic medicine they try to make the yellow bile reach the wound to be cured, by removing the blockage in the blood veins so that the yellow bile reaches the lower organs normally naturally instead of cutting the organ!

One of the methods used in traditional medicine is leech therapy on the leg veins. In this method natural yellow bile from the leech goes in to the legs and that’s all. Leech therapy would be in 3 times, each 10 days. And after that if there were any infections, there is a remedy they apply on the wound which is a mixture of honey+ salt (5 units + 2units) to remove the infections for 3 days. After 3 days they should apply honey+olive to heal the wound within the 20 to 60 days, depends how sever the case is.
This is the cure for the worst and most sever type of diabetes which works perfectly.

Knowing this, now you will get the answer of why people suffering from diabetes have low sexual performance? Or why in women they have premature Menopause? All is because of that sauda or black bile is spreading through the whole body.

In modern medicine they have an instant Anti-black bile which is insulin. This common medicine which needs a dose and adjustment, helps the body for that moment not for a long time. There for using it gradually increases the coldness in the body, that’s why many people feel low blood sugar after using that, as low blood sugar is more dangerous than high blood sugar and it can take the person into coma.

So a good tip for those who feel weak before their insulin dose is eating dates or natural honey. That gives them a long lasting natural sugar.

A good replacement for insulin is natural made vinegar. And the best of them is the vinegar of Quince fruit (boiled Quince blend with vinegar) and its dose should be adjusted according to your body. One table spoon would be eaten in the morning and you can watch out the body and make the second time according to your need.

We believe that having zero exercise and mobility plus the wrong diets are the two major reasons of diabetes among the people.

✅ A research by Prof. Hakim Kheir Andish and the Islamic Medicine experts

? Translated and edited: Islamic Medicine Channel

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    1. Tabib says:


      Excess Black bile in the body stores in the spleen

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