Arthritis and How to Cure it


? What Causes Arthritis?
Arthritis is caused by excess Balqam in the body. It occurs when this excess balqam (cold and wet humor) is not treated and so settles in the joints.

? How to Cure Arthritis?
To know the cure for Arthritis, we should first know what increases Balqam in the body. It is mostly people with a basic Balqam body temperament who suffer from Arthritis.

1? Living in an area that has a cold and wet climate such as London or areas that are close to the sea or ocean and have 4 seasons (unlike tropical areas) increases the chance of getting Arthritis. This is particularly the case if the house is not constructed according to its surroundings. Houses in humid areas should use wood in their structure to absorb the humidity within it. They should also face the east so that in the early morning the sun shines into the house and reduces this humidity). Living in a basement can also cause arthritis as basements are cool and humid.

2?The second element is diet. Balqam and Sauda are the only two humors that settle in the body. A diet that contains excess cold and wet natured foods causes excess Balqam. Eating red meat with yoghurt or worse still, eating white meat with yoghurt is a perfect example of an incorrect food combination that produces useless humors in the body.

3?The third reason is wrong habits:
? Not chewing well. Try to chew each morsel 30 times before you swallow.
? Drinking water or juice between your meal.
? Yogurt, salads, fruits and water should be consumed before a meal and NOT during a meal.
? Having constipation. Should keep active and avoid foods that cause constipation.
? Avoid cold-natured foods, fast foods, junk foods and chocolates.
? Exercising regularly (e.g. walking) and getting plenty of fresh air.
? Sleeping in the morning from Fajr to sunrise and sleeping during sunset are the worst times to sleep. They are the primary cause of excess Balqam and feeling the need to sleep excessively. The best time to sleep is from early night to early morning, like 10 p.m. to 4 or 5 a.m. (assuming Fajr is at 5:30 a.m.).
? Swimming and being around water and moisture is also not recommended for women. Since coldness and water make up the balqam temperament, over time this will increase the amount of balqam in the body. For women, swimming can cause or exacerbate cysts and reproductive area diseases as well.

? The first steps to curing arthritis are to follow the advice above. These can amount to 70% of the cure. You should change your diet, your behavior and your environment if it is not as mentioned above. Once these are addressed, you can consider the following suggestions to compliment the advice further:

1? Eating Sawiq of barley can help a lot. (The whole barley grain should be ground. The skin and flour is roasted separately. Then they are mixed together and ground again for a second time. The sawiq is now ready to eat.) This sawiq can be incorporated into your breakfast or other meals and mixed with food such as curry.

2? Senjed (in Farsi) which in Arabic is called “Al-ghubayra” is a wonderful fruit for which ? Imam Al Sadiq (a.s) said: “Its skin grows skin (in humans), its meat grows meat and its seed grows bones”.
For this reason, scholars in the field of Islamic Medicine advise eating the powder of the whole fruit (i.e. the skin, flesh and seed) with milk.

3? Applying bitter almond oil and black seed oil on the area twice a day (leaving a 15 minute gap between each application).

4? Using olive oil for cooking and preparing meals.


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