Basics of traditional medicine

The first step in Islamic and traditional medicine, in order to manage our health and life is to know our body temperament and then what diet is suitable for us.

✳️Imam Reza said: “First find out what your body temperament is and then plan for your diet.”
Meaning that the Food and Diet are the base of all medicines.

✳️Avicenna says: “if a doctor does not start his curing procedure from changing the patient’s diet, then he (doctor) has planned to kill his patient”
It shows that before any medicine, herbal or chemical, the diet plays the main role in preventing or curing diseases.
To know what diet is suitable for you, everybody needs to know their own temperament.

✔️What is temperament?

Body temperament is a complex of all effects that human receives from foods, behaviors, spiritual relations and rays of other planets and stars to his body.

The universe is based on 4 main elements: Air, Fire, Water and Soil.
Each of these has their own features, effects and abilities. The arrangement from highest to lowest is first Air, Fire, water and then soil and this arrangement will never change.

Wherever you create fire, it goes up and coldness goes down. So the structure of buildings should be according to this formula though in modern houses it’s not. There for to solve that issue in modern houses, we must inject the coldness and warmness to the buildings as if we follow the natural formula, we won’t need chillers to heat or cool down the house.
we see houses built in the hot climate areas like deserts which have cool air circulating. The old houses in Yazd town which is located in a desert have simple structure on the roof which allows the warm air goes out of the house and cool air remains at home with no electricity of any cooling device. While in the houses with western architecture they close the ceiling and design the windows close to the floor. So the heat remains at home and they have to push cool air using chillers or ACs.

In some towns the houses have dome shape roofs which lets the heat to go out because of the small hole they have designed there. So in a warm season you find the house really cool and enjoyable with no use of Air conditioners.
So these arrangements are important in our lives. Same natural behaviors happen in our bodies as well.
Fire which is the equivalent of yellow bile in the body, always like to be on highest point; its flames moves towards up and it moves as high as possible.

➖Those with excess yellow bile temperament are like Fire, warm and dry; potentially selfish, proud and praise themselves as it’s a behavior of fire.

➖Those with excess Black Bile are like soil, cold and dry; potentially calm, secretive, very keen and full of hidden great talents and though they can be depressed easily. Same as soil, if you freeze or boil it, it never changes or moves unless you mix it with water then it can get a new shape. These people are very difficult to be convinced and they have their own policy and rules. If they are employed as an investigator, consultant or the jobs which need patience, accuracy and attention, they can shine.

➖Those with excess phlegm are like water, cold and wet. Same way you can see through the water, these people hardly keep hatred in their hearts. When they get upset or angry, they say what they have in their minds and they don’t keep anything in their hearts to revenge later. Though they easily may release a secret!
At the same time when you put the water in different containers, it changes according to the shape of that container or according to the situation and temperature (cold or hot); these people are also capable of easily changing their lifestyle, way of clothing, beliefs, decisions, etc.

So as you see human’s body is the small version of universe and anything you find in the nature, you’ll find its equivalent in the body as well.

To be continued…

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