Benefits of Chamomile

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✅ Chamomile is a world-famous herb that can be used as a tea, oil, lotion and cream.

☕️ Chamomile tea:

? Chamomile tea helps to improve the performance of bodily organs. It is particularly good for the tummy and digestive system.

? It helps to relieve excess gas whilst reducing inflammation in the tummy and intestines.

? It relieves migraine pain and works as a natural painkiller in some parts of the body.

? It is highly recommended for menstrual pain. However, pregnant women should avoid it in the early months of pregnancy.

? It has strong Antibiotic properties and increases white blood cells in the body.

? It is also an Anti-parasitic herb. The best way to consume it for this purpose is to have a cup first thing in the morning and a cup half an hour before each meal without any sugar.

?? You should boil a teaspoon of chamomile in half a litre of water for 5 minutes and then leave it on indirect heat for a further 5 minutes before drinking.

?Chamomile oil:

? Chamomile oil is also used for external purposes such as general inflammation, rheumatism, gout ,etc.

??To make chamomile oil at home: Add 25g of Chamomile to 125g of olive oil and then put it on indirect low heat for an hour and a half. Then pour it in a small jar and shake it well. Once you are done, filter the oil, add 10-15 grams of camphor and your oil is now ready to use.

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