Cold hands and feet

If you experience cold hands and feet even in warm seasons, this could be caused by the following:
?Weak blood pressure in the feet due to smoking, heart disease or high blood pressure
? Diabetes, as this affects the nerves of the legs
? Hypothyroid and Anemia
? Stress and infections

❇️ Cure:

? First you should correct your diet to remove the cause.
So avoid black tea, fast foods, fried foods, using any oil apart from olive, sesame and beef tallow, frozen foods, canned and factory made foods, etc
? Secondly you can apply olive oil every night on the legs (covering the oiled feet with socks if possible). Massaging the hands and feet helps blood circulation and increases warmth in the body.
? In cases where the person has Anemia and they are slim, they should also consume warm natured foods like grilled sheep meat, red apple, honey red grapes, etc


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