Cure for Anemia

?Prescription for Anemia?

❇️ Hakim Nazerian:

?If it is due to a lack of Iron then apples, either fresh or juiced with dates.
?If it is due to a lack of Vitamin B12, then red meat (such as one skew of sheep or young goats meat kebab) once in two days should be consumed.
?If it is due to a lack of Folic acid, you should eat boiled beetroot, lettuce and Purslane vegetable (Khorfe in Farsi) as these are rich in Folic acid.
?If it is due to hemolytic diseases such as Favism or thalassemia (either minor or major) these three syrups help:
Date syrup, Grape syrup and berry syrup (in Iran this mixture is called 3 Shire) . It should be taken every morning for breakfast.

✔️One blended red apple+2 tablespoons of honey (+ 2 table spoon of Bid meshk juice) every day is a cure for minor Thalassemia and Anemia

❇️ Other scholars:

✅ Broad beans twice a week
✅ Eating chives (Táre in Farsi) every day
✅ One pomegranate or its juice every day
✅ 14 dates every day
✅ 9 pieces of black seed with two tablespoons of honey
✅ Grilled sheep’s meat twice a week
✅ Purslane vegetable (Khorfeh) once in two days
✅ Beef tallow as regularly used oil
✅ Nettle herb (Gazanè), fresh or dried made into a tea once in two days
✅ Chicory leaves (Kasni) 2 times every 3 days
✅ Wild barberry juice (Zereshk e koohi), one cup per day

ℹ By following this prescription you will see the changes after 14 days

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