Cure for Blood Pressure

?There are many reasons for blood pressure imbalance such as excess black bile, yellow bile or blood. It consists of two types: cold and warm.

?When blood pressure imbalance related to coldness occurs, the skin becomes pale, the person feels weak and the pulse is weak as well. Here the person should take warm-natured of foods such as saffron tea and avoid cold-natured foods such as beef, fish, dairy products and sour fruits. This is common in people with a balqam temperament and among women. Dosin also helps this issue. One tablespoon should be taken every 12 hours.

?When blood pressure imbalance related to warmth occurs, veins become visible on the skin, the face becomes red and the pulse is very fast and strong.
Someone suffering from this type of imbalance should do hijamah twice a month. They should drink grapefruit juice with one teaspoon of black seeds. They can also drink sour juices like honey with vinegar or lemon.

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