Cure for Hemorrhoids/piles

There are 2 types of Hemorrhoids:
?Female type (internal): this occurs with a wound and bleeding
?Male type (external): this is usually found beneath the skin that surrounds the anus.

? Sitting on the toilet for long periods. Those with constipation who sit for long are more likely to suffer from piles.
? Not washing the anus. Using toilet paper without washing is not sufficient.
? Using warm water for washing the anus.
? Eating fish and eggs together is a cause of piles
? Having low mobility and the habit of sitting in one place for long.
? Tightness in intestines

??*Cure for both male and female piles:*
? Make sure you have no constipation by avoiding fast foods, junks foods, white breads, pasta, etc
? After each defecation, wash the anus with So’d Koofi which is a natural herb. Otherwise use other natural soaps to wash the area.
? Make sure you use cold water to wash the anus. This is a cure and prevention for hemorrhoids.
? Keep figs and grapes in your daily diet

??*Specific cure for female (internal) piles:*
Eating chives and applying honey on the wound.
-Imam Baqir’s (a.s.) prescription:
Mix Lily oil with beeswax + Labani Asal (Persian name) + sumac + etc and heat them on fire, when ready apply a pinch.

??*Specific cure for male (External) piles:*
– Balador fruit (In Farsi )
– Not drinking water or any liquids while eating meals
– chewing the morsels properly
– injecting egg yolk through suppository method.
-Imam Baqir’s (a.s.) prescription:
Make a fire in a stone’s block then get belladonna seed, cut it into 3 pieces, burn one third of that and let the smoke reach to the anus. Then try the second piece. If the piles still remain try the last part later.

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