Cure for psoriasis in traditional Medicine

As you know, Psoriasis has NO proper cure in modern medicine while in Islamic Medicine it’s cured perfectly.
Basically it happens when body gets excess dryness and Sauda or black bile becomes excess which causes issues for body immunity as well.

The cause:
In a simple language, Psoriasis happens due to a wrong and unhealthy diet which creates waste materials in the body and when they settle in higher levels of skin, Psoriasis happens.

How to cure it?

?the first step is changing into a healthy diet. Your water, salt, oil, bread, meat, sugar, etc should be changed into the natural type. Here you can read more regarding this diet:

Tips On How To Have A Healthy Diet

?The second step is avoiding Dry type of foods as will be mentioned.

?The third step is drinking a cup of water+2 table spoon of honey and 1 fresh lemon every morning

?The Forth step is to get a natural salt crystal and licking it like a candy 30 times a day, less or more, that is the cure of so many diseases.

?Fifth step is eating an organic Sekanjebin which is a really good medicine, if the patient is woman, add some Fennel concentrate to it and if the patient is a man, can add some mint concentrate to your Sekanjebin. (search on the internet about Sekanjebin)

?The last step is applying ostrich oil on the area.

?? What to avoid:
Any dry type of food such as black tea, coffee, cheese, white bread, beef, tamarind, chocolate, eggplant, all spices such as chili, pepper, salt, curry, etc, ( can use salt or pepper in little amount) , lentil, sour type of foods, canned and foods with preservatives, frozen foods, fast foods, soda and factory made drinks,
using too much electronic gadgets, traveling a lot with airplane, being a lot in traffic jams, living in apartments with no scenery , also are the cause of making excess black bile in the body.

?? What to eat:
Wet type of foods such as young goat or sheep meat, whole wheat bread, olive, figs, apple, grapes, dates, apricot, watermelon, etc.

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