Cure Thyroid Naturally

⁠⁠⁠Most diseases are caused by emotional and spiritual reasons. Thyroid imbalance is also one of them.

Common Thyroid issues are of 2 types:
1?Under activity of the thyroid glands, which is called hypothyroidism
2? Over activity of thyroid glands, which is called hyperthyroidism

According to Islamic Medicine, hyperthyroidism is because of excess coldness in the body and hypothyroidism is because of excess warmness in the body organs.

Both of them have cures in Islamic Medicine, though hypothyroidism is easier to be treated than hyperthyroidism.

❎ Reasons for hypothyroidism:
1? Sleeping while being sad and/or crying
2? Excess phlegm which causes blockages in the glands

✔ To cure this issue:

?Make a proper and regular time for sleeping, early at night and waking up early morning.
?Try to have a regular plan to exercise (but swimming should be limited).
?Try to go to bed when you are fresh and happy.
?Try to avoid animosity, envy and sorrow.
?Avoid dairy products for sometime, (not even a glass of milk).
? Apply chamomile oil on the neck where the glands are.
? Use natural sea salt especially before starting any meal and avoid iodized salt.
? Use Barley Sawiq in your foods (refer to the article about sawiq).
?Avoid pond fish and if you eat sea fish, eat olive and dates afterwards.
? Mix black seed with natural honey and eat a tablespoon each morning, before breakfast.
? If you do not defecate at least 3 times  in a day, you should try to adjust your diet according to your temperament in order to moderate it.
? Syrup of grape, date and white mulberry is a great medicine for this problem.
? Keeping and drinking water in copper made containers like pots helps adjusting glands.
? At nights smell warm perfumes such as natural tuberose, daffodil and Jasmine flowers.
? Tea, coffee, smoking, stress, pasta (macaroni), soya, using aluminum food containers, etc are the main causes of hypothyroidism

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  1. Mohammad Shah Omar says:

    Salam. What about reasons for hyperthyroidism and ways of curing hyperthyroidism according to Islamic Medicine?

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Thank you May Allah bless you

  3. Salam alaykum wa rahmatullah. Very interesting page mashallah. God bless u, I’d also would very much like to know what the cause and cures are for hyperthyroidism? You should also list your Islamic references for readers inshallah. God bless.

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