Depression And How To Cure It:

? Simply put, when coldness increases in the brain, it increases the chance of depression and other diseases.

? Depression usually occurs due to emotional reasons but it is a wrong diet and cold natured foods that make it worse.

? So the 2 main causal factors for depression are:

1?Emotional/spiritual and

2?Physical (food and climate).

?China and USA are good examples for the first causal factor. According to statistics, both of these countries have the highest rate of depression. Having no beliefs and spiritual relations through a religion is a cause of depression and suicide. Atheism and not following any religion is common in these countries.

?The interesting thing in the official statistics is that Islamic countries are at the bottom of the list showing that they have the least suicide and depression in the world.

? Good examples for the second reason are South Korea and Japan as they both have a high rate of suicide.

? Cold and humid weather along with having Fish and rice as part of their staple diet are 2 common factors that make the brain cold. A cold brain can lead to depression and suicide. Islamic scholars believe that when the brain becomes cold, decision making and planning with surety become difficult and this coldness can spread into all organs of the body.

? In fact, people with a cold temperament have more potential to become depressed.

??Another common reason for depression and making the body cold is taking chemical medicines. For example, women who give birth through a caesarean section have much more potential to become depressed than those who have a natural delivery. This is mostly due to the use of chemical injections and strong anaesthetics.

❌ What to avoid:
Generally cold natured foods should be limited. Sour foods such as orange, tamarind, kiwi, lemon are mostly cold in nature. Dairy products, rice, watermelon, cold water and fast foods are also cold natured.

? If you want to consume some of the cold natured foods, you can add the Muslih or the moderator to moderate their coldness. For example, black seed or cumin with rice, date or honey with milk, ajwain or mint with yogurt, salt with cucumber, honey with lemon juice, etc.

? What to eat?
Unlike the first group, here warm natured foods will help. Dates, apple, grape syrup, whole wheat bread, honey, etc. are considered warm. You can check the list of cold and warm natured foods via the link below:

The list of foods and their temperaments

? Specific foods:
? Whole wheat soup
? Juice of soaked black raisins (250gr should be soaked in half a liter of warm water for 24 hours. Then one tablespoon of that water should be taken every 8 hours).
? Almonds
? Saffron tea
? Mint tea
? The tea of bitter orange blossom (Bahar Naranj)
? Pumpkin
? Honey
? Raisins

? What to smell?
As mentioned, coldness of the brain is the main cause of depression. Therefore, smelling warm perfumes boosts the healing of depression. Boiling rosemary and smelling daffodil and rose flower or their perfumes are good options.

? What to watch?
Looking at the sea (generally water), green scenery and nature are highly recommended. Wearing yellow color clothes also helps in removing depression.

?Other tips
– At night before sleeping you can apply natural oils like olive or black seed on your head and soles of the feet.
– Try to be with friends or relatives and avoid loneliness.
– Praying and spiritual activities help in removing depression.

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