Different Types of Knee Pain and Their Treatments

A common issue that many people are suffering from is knee pain. Here we will describe different types of knee pains and provide their cures.

Knee pain can occur due to 4 reasons:
Excess Safra, Sauda, Balqam or Dam. Our bodies are composed of these 4 humors (click on this link for further information: ). However, problems only occur when the humors get out of balance.

?Excess Safra (yellow bile):
This type of knee pain might not be very common but it is experienced by people who have excess Safra. The reason it occurs is due to dryness of the joints. People experiencing this type of knee pain will also hear a clicking sound when walking or bending their joints.

? How to cure:
? reducing Safra type of foods (warm and dry, such as spicy foods).
? Hijamah in the third week of the lunar month
? if it is chronic and severe pain, then the following combination should be used for 40 to 80 nights before sleeping:
1 cup of fresh milk + 2 tablespoons of Senjed (Farsi name) + 2 tablespoons of honey
?This formula has the power to reform such joint pain

? Excess Balqam (mucus):
This type is very common among women and those who have excess balqam.
The reason is due to accumulation of balqam in the joints, though it mostly settles in the knees. The knees may be swollen and cause severe pain.

? How to cure:
? Avoid or reduce cold-natured foods (cold and wet). For example, if rice is eaten on a regular basis adding cumin reduces its coldness, whilst mixing milk with date or honey moderates the coldness of the milk.
? One tablespoon of Dosin every 8 hours for 80 to 120 days.
(Dosin is a combination of 1 part crushed black seeds to 3 parts honey)
?Apply black seed oil and/or bitter almond oil to the knees every night
? Soak 7 dried figs and eat evey night
? Ginger and cinnamon tea, one cup a day

?The recovery process may take 2 to 6 months depending on the amount of Balqam

? Excess Sauda (black bile):
This type of knee pain will mostly occur in people with excess sauda. It comes with a clicking sound when bending the knee and can be painful if left untreated.

? How to cure:
? Drinking Sekanjebin (a combination of 2 units honey + 2 units of boiled mint + 1 unit of natural vinegar) which should be mixed with water (1/3 Sekanjabin + 2/3 water)
? Apply bitter almond oil on the knees at night
? Dry cupping on the knees (without bleeding)
? Soak 7 figs in a cup of water or rose water and eat that every night.
? 7 olives every morning
? 40 black raisins everyday
? Cupping therapy, etc

?All of these suggestions help in reducing sauda from the body and cure dryness of the knees.

? Excess Dam (blood):
In this type of knee pain, the knees and joints become red and swollen. This is mostly common in people with excess Dam, such as youth, and it occurs in warmer seasons of the year.

? How to cure:
? Have Cupping (Hijamah) treatment
? Consume cold-natured foods


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