Eczema in Islamic Medicine:

It is caused by liver’s malfunctions, either high fatness of the liver or it’s genetic from the mother.
Eczema is Greece word means heat rash or pimple. There are 2 types of Eczema: either caused by excess Sauda or excess Safra.
When it’s due to excess safra, it appears in warm seasons and by eating warm type of foods like banana.
When it’s due to excess Sauda, it can appear in the summer and in the winter.
In both cases, the dry humors move into the body though the blood and appear in the skin as Eczema.
Basically to cure this issue, first we should clean up the liver and recover it and try to make the body free of excess toxins and unclean humors.

What to avoid during the healing:

Spicy foods, oily and fried foods, yoghurt, soda, eggs, raw onion, egg plant, wheat, cow milk, etc.
– Daily one cup of fresh apple juice helps cleaning the liver.
– Make a porridge of barley flour+ salt+ milk ( goat milk is preferred)
– Make a cream with 100gr of coriander+ 1 cup of yoghurt+ a bit of salt and apply it on the wound
– Use aloe vera on the wound

These herbs reduce the itching and help softening the skin:
Coriander, rosemary, thyme, mint, turmeric
You can use them in your food or tea.

At the end, use lose and cotton type of clothes, reduce your stress, cut and keep the nails clean,avoid excess bathing as it dries up the skin and after taking bath apply natural oils.


3 thoughts on “Eczema in Islamic Medicine:

  1. Aysha says:

    My daughter has eczema on her face, neck,and on her feet and extremely itchy. is the anything that can you reduce the itching especially on her face and neck?

    1. Tas Ali says:

      Have u tried the yoghurt treatment mentioned above? As it really helped my son.

      1. admin says:

        Yoghurt is cold and wet and it helps those with warm eczema but it’s not recommended for those with cold eczema

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