Female Reproductive System Diseases and Their Cures

Ladies Diseases and Their Cures According to Islamic Medicine:

Breast and Ovary Cysts

The womb has a cold nature and it is supposed to be kept warm. This is why it is surrounded by other organs such as the bladder and intestines. Unlike the womb, testicles in men have a warm nature and they are supposed to be kept cool. This is why they are created outside of the body. Such is the wisdom of the creator (subhanAllah).

The intestines have a cold and wet nature as well. So by eating cold-natured foods like chicken, fish, chips, pasteurized dairy products, sour foods, etc the tummy, intestines and then the womb becomes cold as well.

The warmest time for the womb is during the period. During this time it keeps enough blood for itself and releases the excess and waste blood out of the body.

By releasing this blood out of the body, any excess heat of the body will be reduced as well. This moderates a woman’s behavior and reduces her anxiety.

The body and therefore the blood can become cold when a woman has the habit of consuming cold-natured foods
(refer to the website page entitled, “foods and their natures” for a detailed chart on this). During the period, this causes cold blood to flow towards the womb. The womb, which already has the duty of keeping its own blood warm, is now given the additional task of heating this cold blood.

When the womb fails to generate enough heat during this process, it retains the blood and continues attempts to warm it up. This results in pain, cramps and little or no blood coming out during the period.

If this cycle continues, the coldness and the phlegm inside the womb becomes puffy and this is what we call a cyst. If the cyst increases in size or quantity, it can lead to Infertility. In the same way that seeds cannot grow in a land covered by snow, sperm cannot survive in a cold womb.

So to conclude the above information, cold foods and wrong diet are the main reason for a cold womb and this itself is the cause of cysts, cancers, Infertility, cramps, etc. Stress, anxiety and misbehaviors usually come with these issues.

What makes this worse among girls who are not yet married is watching inappropriate content which excites their sexual hormones. Because this is not actually followed by having sexual intercourse, the phlegm does not leave the body as it is supposed to. It settles in the breast area and if it continues (over a period of time) it can lead to breast cancer, breast cysts, ovary cysts, etc.

Other liquids that have to be released completely are mucus-like sexual discharges. If these remain in the body, they can cause diseases in women. The discharges are released after a complete and successful intercourse between couples.

Imam Reza (a.s.) explains this and gives advice to men when he says, “Make sure you do not start intercourse unless you have prepared your wife enough by massaging and playing with her breasts since:
1- this excites her inner desires which makes ‘fertility water’ in her body come together (fertility water is made in the breasts and ribes as the holy Quran mentions that in Suratul Tariq and that is what we call mucus)
2 – the signs of joy appear in her face
3 – and then she will want you to do what you request from her.”

This simply means that playing with the wife before intercourse is a must. This is because men can reach to orgasm quickly while in women that procedure takes time. If they are not well prepared, the excess mucus will remain in their breasts instead of moving towards the womb and that causes other diseases.
A successful and complete sexual intercourse should normally be between 30 minutes up to 50 minutes. When man starts preparing and playing, he should control his mind so that they can reach to orgasm together and finish together.

We are receiving so many questions from members requesting a solution for their premature ejaculation. The solution and cure is first of all a proper diet and secondly what we mentioned above about controling the mind and being patient during intercourse.

This topic is very important as we find wrongly performed intercourse to be the root cause of many divorce cases. Women are not satisfied sexually and they have not reached to orgasm. This results in harsh behaviors, being angry and having stress in their lives. This can also cause a woman to start arguments with her husband over trivial things.

There have been some cases with breast and ovary cancers that were cured when they were advised to have proper intercourse with a longer perparation time.

So to conclude this section, during intercourse whatever internal discharges are released in a woman’s body, they start in her breasts. They should then move to her womb from where they are released. If the man does not prepare her enough and she is not fully satisfied, those discharges settle in her body and cause complications such as cysts and cancers.


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