How to cure a cold

How to cure a cold/flu:

Flue is another common disease which many people suffer from. First of all we should not look at it as an illness; it’s a normal reaction of the body to disinfect itself. It’s like training of solders to fight the enemies. But how should we get rid of it?

Most of doctors recommend to rest, eat warm vegetable soups, Stay in a moisture place. These are good and they help, but they are not the best cure. First let’s look from Traditional medicine’s point of view. We believe that those with lower immunity are those who get cold frequently. When our body looses the warmness of its organs, especially the head, the chance of getting cold or any other diseases will be more.  That’s why we see that those with red cheeks or athletes rarely get cold.

So what is the cure?

  • If it’s a simple flue with no infection of the chest/ears:


  • Warm salt compress: if you have “sea salt” at home, pour some of it in a pan and let it become warm. Stir it so it doesn’t get burnt. When it’s hot, put the salt in a piece of cloth/pouch, fold it and keep it on your head. This will help a lot and will prevent the mucus to enter your chest.
  • Smelling “Black seed” which is known as Fennel Flower as well, is another great cure
  • Avoid sleeping on your back, since it can let the mucus move into the chest and make it infected.
  • DON’T swallow the mucus when coming to the mouth. that can cause chest infection.
  • Avoid sour or salty foods, dairy products, cold drinks, watermelon, and fast foods.
  • Try eating soup with ingredients of vegetable/pumpkin/almond oil in it. If you have fever as well, avoid adding meats in your soup.
  • A warm shower at the end is recommended ( Don’t forget to cover your head immediately after taking bath)


  • If flue is with fever and infection:


  • Don’t miss eating Porridge and boiled turnip
  • The best natural antibiotic is “mint”. You can make a mint tea, by boiling some mint leaves (dry or fresh) same way you make tea. Let it boil for 10 minutes, when ready, add some honey in to your tea cup and drink three or two cups a day. Also you can gargle the same tea if you have pain in your throat.
  • Chamomile flower is another miracle of nature. In case you can find it in your local supermarket, make it like a tea (as mentioned above) and drink a cup+ honey.

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    Please I use to suffer much from cold and difficulties in breathing like asthma please I need help

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