How to Cure Asthma at Home

Cure for Asthma According to Islamic Medicine:

Asthma is among the diseases that has NO cure in conventional medicine. However, in Islamic medicine, which is all natural and has no side effects, it can be cured 100% (God willing).

There are 4 things that cause difficulty in breathing and Dyspnea:

1?A blockage in the heart veins (Coronary veins) or a weakness of the Mitral valve. In such cases the lips of the patient become dark and if they suffer from an attack, then it occurs whilst engaging in physical activities.

2?Sickness of the lung. This is called Asthma and usually happens when sitting or lying down.

3?Weakness of the tummy in which Dyspnea occurs after a meal (especially a heavy meal). Due to this weakness, gas created in the tummy gives pressure to the chest and lungs.

4?Attacking of the Jinn(s): this happens when a person is sleeping and suddenly feels something is giving pressure on his/her chest or making it difficult to breathe.This is caused by Jinn.

The cure for the first one (heart issue):
1?Aside from avoiding fatty and fried foods, a person suffering from this should use the natural medicines that we will post on the website about heart vein blockages.
2?One of the natural medicines that is unique in Islamic medicine and is based on authentic Ahadith is camel’s urine. The holy Prophet (p.b.u.h.) said: camel’s urine is better than its milk. Camel’s urine is used for asthma however it has some conditions for use, which are as follow:

?it should be from a female camel who lives in and eats from the desert (not the ones reared in urban areas for commercial purposes like milk or meat production).

?it should be fresh
?it should be taken for at least three days. 1 cup twice a day and then one glass of its milk afterwards.
⚠Note: These two should not be mixed together. The milk should be consumed when the taste of the urine has disappeared.

ℹ According to Islam, camel’s urine is not Najis and Haram since it is an animal with Halal meat.

3?A soup made of the Meat & Milk of sheep should be consumed three times a week. (? Method: slightly fry some sheeps meat with onion and sesame oil, then place the meat on a low heat and add some pre-heated fresh milk to it. You should add it gradually a few times and not all in one go. When the meat has boiled completely, you can add spice to the dish.)

The cure for the second one (asthma):
1?Lovage is a famous herb used to recover the lungs and it is a cure for all lung diseases.

2?The urine of a female camel (as mentioned above).

3?Hijamah on the back, done once a month.

⚠Avoid eating too many eggs in one meal as it causes Asthma.

4?One tablespoon of Dosin every 12 hours (Dosin is the combination of one unit ground black seeds+3 units of honey)

Cure for Dyspnea caused by the tummy:

1?The primary remedy for a cure is to avoid over eating. In Islam it is advised to stop eating before becoming full.
2? Meccan Sana leaf tea (sanna makki) is also recommended.
3?There are also other useful herbs. Keep checking our online shop to see if they are available.

Cure for the Dyspnea caused by Jinn

This topic will be discussed in another article but we recommend using Imam Ali’s Hirz.

ℹ Tips from Dr. Ziaee:

What causes Dyspnea or makes it worse:
Dust ( chalk, cement, etc) , smokes, polluted air, chemical fumes (either chemicals themselves or the detergents), other chemical sprays like instecticides, chemical perfumes or sprays) , fried foods, excess tangerine, excess Caffeine (in coffee, tea, cocoa, chocolate, etc.), drinking cold water, ice cream and frozen foods, sleeping next to a window or behind a door, oil based fuels, stress, being in touch with MDF material wood, inhaling the gas of a broken tube light or energy saving bulbs.
Statistics show that 52 percent of babies born through a C-section delivery are potential to have asthma and breast milk is a great preventative of Asthma in infants.

Tips to cure:
? Avoid the conditiins mentioned above
? Use paper masks
? If the Asthma is in its initial stages, then the cure is to drinking 2 cups of turnip juice and 2 cups of carrot juice everyday
? If the Asthma is a little more advanced, then add Ajwain seeds to the above juices as well
? If the Asthma is severe then boil Broadleaf plantain leaves and drink 1 to 3 cups a day

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  1. Sidiq Kabir says:

    Please normal food for asthma patient

    1. Sidiq Kabir says:

      Please normal food for asthma patient

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