How to cure Headaches?

Headaches and their cures:

Headaches in Islamic medicine are 60 different types and have different reasons and cures.

Headache on the right side of the head has different cause with the left side. As well as pain on top of the head, forehead, back of the head or both sides of head pulsing, etc.

Here are the 5 common types of headaches and their cures:

* A quick relief for most of the headaches is massaging the feet especially sole. or you can walk on small stone instead.
1- Headache on the left side of the head towards the left eye: the reason is the tummy and spleen. The reason is when black bile is in excess which is cold and dry. Usually happens when you eat different foods together.
Immediate cure: a warm cup of water+ 1 spoon of honey

After drinking that, avoid eating anything else for at least one or two hours. If this is a regular headache every day, then mind your diet. i.e avoid fast foods, tea, coffee, white breads and instead warm type of foods like sheep meat, honey, brown bread, apple, etc.


2- Headache on the right side of the head: the reason is the liver.

Cure:  a cup of water + honey or a cup of carrot juice, etc. Avoid eating for while especially spicy foods, tea, coffee, soda. Chicory is an especial herb which helps the liver. Watermelon if in season will help as well.

Immediate cure: wear a hat and keep your head warm and smell flowers like rose.


3- Headache on forehead:

A- if the reason is the sinus ( happens if you have sinus issue and you’ve been in a windy or cold weather)

Instant Cure: smell a warm perfume (like Arabic perfumes) or a rose flower and then keep your forehead warm.


B- If the reason is not sinus, it’s the excess bile. You should cool your liver down by drinking water, eating watermelon, orange, etc.


4- headache on the back of the head: the reason is when the phlegm increases in the head. Cure: this headache can be cured by smelling warm smells, like jasmine or rose (flower or perfume), if you have access to Peganum harmala herb, you can burn and smell it. Black seed helps as well.


5- Headache on the flat sides of the head ( temple veins) and it’s pulsing:

The reason is the excess of blood. You should eat or smell cool stuff like a cup of water mixed with some lemon, or even smelling a lemon will cure that. Drinking water as well cools down the body.

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