How to cure infertility in men


What we should know is that according to the Islamic and traditional medicine, most of the diseases in the body happens when the organs or specific organ becomes cold and weak.
When tummy becomes cold, the acidity and digestion issues happens
When brain becomes cold, Alzheimer, flue, drooling, etc happens
When kidneys become cold, kidney stone appears
When sexual organs become cold, people lose their interest in having intercourse and even if they get to do it, men will have premature ejaculation and women will have pains and discomforts in their womb and if they try to have a child , from man’s side there will be infertility mostly because of lack in number of sperms and from woman’s side if there are enough sperms , a cold womb can not be fertilized and grows a fetus, just like a ground, when it is spring and the soil is strong and ready, the proper seed can grow otherwise in the cold weather like winter, no seed grows.

So as the solution to all these problems, you must have a healthy diet which helps the body gets warm temperament.
For that, you should put some specific foods in your diet and avoid some foods.
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In this article we will mention the cure for infertility in men according to the Islamic Medicine and for women will be posted later.

Infertility in men:

This issue in men has different reasons such as low quality of sperm, inability in erection, low number of sperms, low speed of sperms, etc.
For each of these reasons we can write a complete article but it’ll be enough to write a summary:

Basically 90% of these issues which causes infertility in men happens when the reproductive organs becoming cold and weak.
The other 10% is because of coldness of brain and mental weakness which has cure as well.

So here is the solution provided in Islamic Medicine which is for a period of 40 to 120 days, depending on how weak the organs are. Follow them step by step and you will get the results God willing.

1- Massaging under the belly, back, sexual organs and thighs with a mixture of organic and un-filtered olive oil (which smells, unlike the ones with no smell) and sesame oil

2- Eating chickpeas as below:
-Water- chickpeas: (make a soup of 1 glass of chickpeas+onion+olive oil+pepper and salt)
– roasted chickpeas with raisins everyday

3- Imam sadeq’a prescription (fry some chopped onions in olive olive oil on a low heat and then add some eggs. You can add some dates to this combination as well)

4- Grape or date syrup+ sesame halwa for breakfast, 4 times a week

5- Avoiding cold type of foods especially at nights such as milk, fish, chicken, beef, chips, fast foods, tea, coffee, etc

6- Eating regular 2sin (it’s a combination of 3 units honey+ 1 unit grained black seed)

7- habit of eating these foods everyday :
– at least 3 pieces of dates everyday
– Almond 14 pieces every day (each half an hour one piece)
– 7 pieces of olives in the morning
– 7 pieces of figs at night
– Eating sesame, black seed, carrot in any form
– A hadith recommends drinking a cup of fresh milk+ honey every morning ( which better to add dates to it and blend them) increases the sperm
– pistachio, almond and hazelnuts as well helps
– back cupping in men
?? For that 10% of mental relaxation, it’s recommended to use warm perfumes at nights especially before intercourse.

✔️ Basically warm type of foods improve the fertility in both men and women except mint and ginger for men.

✔️ Men and women should avoid fast foods, white breads , soda, artificial juices, smoking, cold drinks, ice cream, noodles , etc

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