How to Improve Your Vision

? There have been many cases who had very weak eyesight and needed LASIK laser operation. However, they were cured and their new eye health rating reduced to 0.5 after carefully following guidelines such as those listed below:

??First of all the diet should be changed to a healthier and more appropriate one.

When the head becomes cold, it causes weakness such as Cataracts. If it becomes dry it causes Myopia which is common in teenagers, etc. So the body and head should be kept in a neutral and normal state and this happens when you moderate your diet.

? ?Secondly, we recommend applying Kohl to the eyes. There are different types of Kohl such as Almond, etc. (which will soon be available on our online store).

? ?Thirdly, there are other things in Islamic medicine which improve the eyes, such as regularly reciting salawat, reading Ayatul Kursi after each Salah whilst placing the fingers on the eyes,  reciting Quran daily, not doing sins with eyes, etc.

??Finally Eating boswellia (= lubban or kondor) and black raisins helps in preventing eye weakness.

? You should also know that when blood circulates in the body the way it should, the eyes and ears would have no issues. Hence, changing the diet before even considering any cure helps to correct the vision.

? Drinking a glass of fresh carrot juice is beneficial for improving the vision whilst also being good for the liver.

By great Hakim Nazerian


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