How to increase the sexual performance

A frequent question being asked is about the poor sexual performance in men and women.

✅ What we should know is that most of the diseases in the body happens when the organs or specific organ becomes cold.

When tummy becomes cold, the acidity and digestion issues happens
When brain becomes cold, Alzheimer, flue, drooling, etc happens
When kidneys become cold, kidney stone appears
When sexual organs becomes cold, people lose their interest in intercourse and even if they get excited, men will have premature ejaculation and women will have pains and discomforts in their womb and if they try to have a child , from man’s side there will be infertility mostly because of lack in number of sperms and from woman’s side if there are enough sperms , a cold womb can not become fertile and grow a fetus, just like a ground, when it’s spring and the soil is strong and ready, the seed can grow otherwise in the cold weather like winter, no seed grows.

So as the solution to all these problems, you must have a healthy diet which helps the body gets warm temperament.
For that, you should put some specific foods in your diet and avoid some foods.

✔Example: to help improving men’s sexual performance and to increase their interest and ability for intercourse, they should make this breakfast 3 or 4 times a week.
2 or 3 eggs + a small onion fried in olive oil.
They can add some dates in that mixture as well.

For women, when they take warm type of foods, their body and mind will be ready for intercourse. In a normal situation or if there is infertility, beside their diet , they should massage their tummy clockwise with olive oil every night.

Fennel is a herb God has made for women, it has lots of benefits for women’s hormones and their fertility system . They can make its tea and drink it regularly. Men however are not advised to drink fennel tea.

Coconut, ginger, cinnamon, dates, banana, sugarcane, honey,etc are among the warm type of foods which help increasing sexual performance in both men and women.

Men and women should avoid fast foods, white breads , sodas, artificial juices, smoking, cold drinks, ice cream, noodles , etc

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