How to Lose Weight Naturally?

? Changes within nature take place gradually. Human beings, animals and plants need time to adjust and grow. In the same way that it takes time to put on weight, plans to lose weight should be done gradually as well.

⭕ According to Islamic medicine, we have two types of fat: one is a warm type and the other one is a cold type. Those with a warm and wet (Dam) temperament who usually have red cheeks, warm body, big shoulders and body, have the warm type of fat. If they have excess fat in their body, the solution is to avoid having lunch. This should be replaced by a heavy breakfast and early supper. After a while the body will adjust to this plan and get into shape.

? Those with a cold and wet temperament (Balqam), which is the most common type of fatness among people (especially women who have put on weight after giving birth) the issue is that they have excess acidity in their tummy. Excess acidity causes excess appetite. Hence, the solution for these people is to consume warm-natured foods as these remove any excess acidity and false appetite. Following this allows them to gradually lose the excess fat. This is a healthy weight-loss option that has no side effects for the body and helps a person to remain energetic.

⭕ These fad diets asking you to avoid eating supper or breakfast or to drink plenty of water, first thing in the morning, have no logical basis in Islamic Medicine. Leaving breakfast not only has negative effects on the memory and cognitive function, but causes weight-gain instead of weight-loss!

? If for any reason you want to skip a meal, it should be lunch and not breakfast or dinner.

⭕ Drinking water in the middle of having a meal makes changes in the quality of stomach acids and dilutes digestive juices. After a while, this leads to digestion issues.

? You can follow the link below for a comprehensive list of warm and cold natured foods:

The list of foods and their temperaments

4 thoughts on “How to Lose Weight Naturally?

  1. Pls show treatment for PRORIASIS.

  2. Farsi says:

    For those with the cold and wet fatness, they can eat all warm foods or only warm and dry foods?

    1. Tabib says:

      They should avoid cold and wet types such as dairies, chicken, beef, sour foods and fruits, rice, white bread, etc
      In case of eating any of them, they better take the moderator

      Read this article:

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