Infertility in Women:

⭕ Perhaps up to 90% of the reason behind infertility in women can be due to having cold reproductive organs such as the examples listed below:
Ovarian cysts, polycystic ovary syndrome, ovarian fibroma, infections or other diseases of the cervix, lack of female sexual hormones, infections, weak ovaries, etc

⭕ According to Hadith: if a newly married woman consumes too much milk, vinegar, coriander, and sour apple in the week after her first ever intercourse, it can make her infertile.
Stress, late marriages, chemical medicines, wrong diets, etc are all reasons for infertility in women


? Cure for weak ovary/weak egg/cysts as prescribed by Dr Ziaee:

1?ٍEat 7 pieces of Chicory leaves, or one tea spoon of its dried leaves every day

2?Eat lettuce and chives (without sauce) with lunch and supper
3? Celery with lettuce for supper
4? Every morning one tablespoon of date syrup + grape syrup + walnut
5? Beetroot syrup increases fertility
6? If an infertile woman after her period eats one teaspoon of Abnus (Ebony wood dust)+water+honey for seven days, inshallah she will be able to become pregnant.

? Cure for cysts / fibroids / ovarian myoma and general infertility in women as prescribed by Professor Kheir Andish:

1?Avoiding cold-natured foods and eating moderated warm-natured foods (under tabib’s advice)
2?Every night one glass of Fennel tea+one tea spoon of honey (except whilst menstruating)
3?Applying oil on the tummy, thighs and back with sesame oil+pure olive oil or black seed oil
4?And doing dry cupping on the back and tummy (not hijamah, just suction) 21 times, once in 2 days
5? Eat 3 dates everyday, 7 olives in the mornings, 7 figs at night, 21 black raisins in the mornings and 14 almonds (1 almond every 20 minutes)

? Hakim Tabrizian:
The biggest reason behind infertility in women is because of using contraceptive aids to avoid having children and the mere act of not having children. When a woman gives birth, she becomes immune from many of the ovary and breast diseases.

? Hakim Nazerian:
One of the common reasons for infertility in women is due to late marriages.

✔ Note: The medicines and herbs mentioned here will soon be available in our online store (if not available already).

Dry cupping will also be taught soon, to allow you to practise it from the comfort of your home.

2 thoughts on “Infertility in Women:

  1. K says:

    Can u explain how to avoid miscarriages or ectopic pregnancy? Also having first child with c section but after that three miscarriages. How could this be prevented?

    1. Tabib says:

      That sounds to be due to excess coldness of mother’s reproductive system.
      You can fill the consultation form and keep in touch with us for further details. If you have not done any surgery there is a high chance of being able to become pregnant Inshallah

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