Is the oil we use natural?


Is our oil natural?!

The most common and cheapest oil in the market is the oil which is known as “sun flower oil”. They claim that this oil is PURE and it is extracted from sun flower seeds.

Ok to get 1kg of sunflower oil, we need 9 to 10kg sunflower seeds. Each kilo of sunflower seed is around $ 1.5. So 10kg of seeds would be $15 plus the labor and the profit it should be more than $30 while 1 liter of this oil we buy in the market is less than $5 !!

So the answer is here: this oil we use every day for frying is a product of paraffin which is very cheap for the oil factories to fill their bottles with.
NOW what!
The least danger of these oils is that the same way it jams around the gas cooker at home or on the hood and it becomes solid; it does the same in our body and blood veins and muscles and causes Fatty Liver, pain in the joints and blockage in the blood veins.

Now if you’re a fan of these oils, exercise more to get closer to the death!!

If you’ve noticed that many athletes get heart attack when they’re in the field, one reason is that when exercising, the heart pumps more blood, and this process excites the fats and cholesterol of the veins to move towards the heart, and when they get enough to block one of the main veins of the heart, then that’s the time of a heart attack.

So for your own sake, avoid these oils and instead use natural oils like olive oil, sesame oil, etc to melt the solid oils in the liver and your blood veins.

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