Pregnancy Tips in Islam

The Effects of Specific Foods and Behaviors on the Baby During Pregnancy:

According to Ahadith
? Quince gives the baby a beautiful face
? Lentils make the baby kind
? Pear makes the baby good tempered and calm
? Boswellia (= Lubban, or Kondor) makes the baby boy brave and baby girl kind and soft hearted
? Sweet melon gives the baby a beautiful face
? Pomegranate is highly recommneded for pregnant women. It is effective in helping produce beautiful children.

? Note: foods should always be eaten in moderation and consuming any food, fruit or herb in excess is not recommended. Women with a dry temperament and smaller physiques should use less lentils. Another VERY important point is that a pregnant woman should NOT have constipation. For each meal, there should be one defecation. so avoid junk foods, fast foods, white bread, factory made foods like canned foods, tomato pastes, useless frying oils, too much rice in the weekly diet plan, chocolates, etc.
Once in a while these foods may be okay. However, if they are consumed frequently, they should at least be avoided during pregnancy.

? If you have been prescribed iron tablets and calcium tabets, a good substitute for them is to eat the following as they can replenish iron & calcium stores and cure anemia:
? One blended apple + one tablespoon of honey everyday.
? Grilled red meat is highly recommended (Sheep, young goat or calf).
? Grape syrup with tahini (ardé) is a great breakfast option for everyone.
? Haleem (made with whole wheat grain) is also a great and healthy breakfast option for everyone, especially pregnant women.

⚠ A poor diet during pregnancy can be the reason behind many diseases that develop in the child. Excess Safra or sauda of the mother can give the new born baby yellow skin, eczema, hyperactivity and excess Balqam of the mother can give the baby low immunity, low memory, common flu, abnormally excess weight. Even diabetes or other diseases can be transferred to the baby due to the mother’s diet being incorrect before and during pregnancy.

? Avoid stress and heavy activities and do not tire yourself. Being more involved in religious programs is highly effective on the behaviors of the baby.

? Seyed Muhammad Husain Taba tabaei, the amazing talent who memorized the whole Quran before he reached 6 years old, got his PhD aged 7 from Hijaz university of Saudi Arabia and  taught Quran interpretation during his childhood had an important key to his success. His mother was very careful during her pregnancy. She was a Hafiz and the teacher of Quran memorization. Whatever she practised impacted the baby so much that when he was born and could talk, he used to recall the tune used by his mother and the way she taught Quran memorization.

? Breastfeeding the baby only when having Wudu was also common habit of mothers who gave birth to great personalities. Being more attached to ibadats such as reciting Quran, praying regularly and generally being involved in religious activities is very good for the future of the child since in Islam it is believed that training the child starts from when he/she is in the mother’s womb.


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