Sweating of the Palms and Feet

? Excess sweating is because of excess phlegm and humidity and excess phlegm is most likely due to excess heat of the liver.

This issue is usually caused by a problem with the defecation system. When the body is unable to excrete waste products through urination and defecation, they are excreted through sweating of the palms. The organ responsible for urination is the liver and for defacation it is the intestines. So a malfunctional liver should be treated first and then the intestines. Once both are working well, this issue will be solved.

⚠Excess sweating can also be a sign of hyperthyroidism.

⚠A red palm can be a sign of liver diseases.

? 2 things that must be avoided from the outset: 1. black tea and 2. yoghurt

❌ Other things that should be avoided to prevent sweaty palms and feet:

?Constipation issue
?Spicy foods
?Fast foods

✔ Things that help the issue:

?Vegetable soups, soaked figs, apple, honey+lemon juice etc. help to recover the digestive system.
? Using nooreh or hair removal powder to remove body hair instead of blades like Gillette

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