The Cure for Gastritis and Tummy Diseases

Gastritis and tummy issues occur due to a wrong diet and eating habits, the same  issue that we always remind people about.
? The holy Prophet (pbuh) said: “The tummy is the house of diseases and avoiding to eat is the best of cures”.

Gastritis is a warning sign for other diseases. It appears when people get used to drinking cold water, drinking water or other liquids between their meals, eating cold-natured foods, fruits and consuming salads with their food!
The issue becomes worse when doctors prescribe medicines like Ranitidine, Famotidine and Cimetidine for this issue.
These medications have side effects such as danger of death in people with kidney or heart diseases,
they prevent the absorption of vitamin B12 in the body, they can cause pneumonia, they prevent the absorption of proteins, they interfere with the reproductive organs, etc.

✅There are some herbs that improve the tummy and they are a good cure for tummy diseases.

? One tablespoon of Broad leaf plantain seeds (Barhang) should be boiled in mint water and then mixed with some honey. It should be consumed every night before sleeping.
? Another prescription is drinking mint tea with a little bit of ginger.
? Fennel seed tea is also good for tummy diseases, especially in women (men should avoid it).
? Cold-natured foods such as dairy products, fast foods, chicken, cold water and sour tasting foods, etc. should be avoided.

However, as the holy Prophet said, the best cure is prevention. So the best solution for a healthy tummy and overall health is to stop having the wrong diet and eating habits, avoid over eating or combining the wrong foods together.

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  1. oluwakemi says:

    Disadvantages of too much of water, what does it causes to the body.

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