The Do’s and Don’ts after a meal


Digestion is a process which needs the body to be in peace, so that the blood can be focused on the tummy for a faster and better digestion.

According to Islamic sources, there are some activities which are prohibited to be done when the tummy is full.


1- Taking shower (or swimming)

2- Having intercourse

3- Doing exercise

4- Sleeping


As you see these activities interrupt the digestion and we should avoid them. In a hadith from Imam Riza, he says: “Avoid having intercourse when your tummy is full (especially) when it’s early night (evening) as it can cause colic, paralysis, Hernia, makes kidney stone and decreases your sight…”


About sleeping also, scientifically when we sleep, tummy’s activities will be paused though the intestines can work even if we are deep sleep. So the result of immediately sleeping after a meal is that the food will stay in the tummy and it’ll be spoilt and undigested. That’s why when we wake up after such sleep, the mouth doesn’t smell good. There for it’s better to have a gap between eating and resting so that the food is digested or at least passed from tummy to the intestines. Imam Riza the grandson of the holy Prophet has given a solution for this issue 1400 years ago. He says: “Avoid sleeping when your tummy is full, but if you felt sleepy, sleep on your right side, then turn on your left side after a while.

Scientifically according to this advice, when sleeping on the right side first, tummy gets more heat from the liver and that boosts the digestion process, and after it is done, sleeping on the left side, will help the digested food move towards the intestines as a fact of gravity!

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