The list of foods and their temperaments

Here is The list of foods and their temperament. you can adjust your food according to your body temperament and your age.

Sheep: warm and wet
Beef: cold and dry
Camel: warm and dry
Goat: cold and dry/ or if young, neutral
Chicken: cold and wet
Fish: cold and wet (especially if raised industrially)

Red or yellow Apple: warm and wet
Green and sour apple: cold and dry
Apricot: warm and wet
Banana: warm and dry
Coconut: warm and dry
Dates: warm and dry
Figs: warm and wet
Grapes: warm and wet
Sweet Melon: warm and wet
Orange: cold and wet
Watermelon: cold and wet
Lemon: cold and wet
Pineapple: warm and wet
Mango: warm and wet
Olive: warm and wet
Pear: warm and wet
Pumpkin: cold and wet
Strawberry: cold and wet
Pomegranate: sour=cold and dry / sweet: cold and wet
Peach: cold and wet
Kivi: cold and wet

Dairy products:
1- pasteurized Milk: cold and wet
2- Organic whole milk: warm and wet
3-Fresh white cheese: cold and wet
4- old cheese: warm and dry
5-cream: cold and wet
6- Yoghurt: cold and wet
7- Butter: warm and wet

Beans: warm and wet
Wheat: warm and wet
Sesame: warm and wet
Maize: cold and dry
Lentil: cold and dry
Barley: cold and dry
Rice: cold and wet

Walnut: warm and wet
Peanuts: warm and wet
Almond: warm and wet
Cashew nut: warm and dry
Pistachio: warm and dry
Sunflower seed: warm and dry
Hazelnut: warm and dry

Vegetables and roots:
Onion: warm and dry
Garlic: warm and dry
Potato: cold and wet
Carrot: warm and wet
Tomato: cold and wet
Cucumber: cold and wet
Green peas: cold and wet
Lotus: cold and wet
Mushroom: cold and wet
Rosemary: warm and dry
Thyme: warm and dry
Celery: warm and dry

Salt: warm and dry
Coffee: cold and dry
Black and green tea: warm and dry
Pepper: warm and dry
Chili: warm and dry
Ginger: warm and dry
Cinnamon: warm and dry
Cocoa: warm and dry
Turmeric: warm and dry
Saffron: warm and dry

Eggs: yolk =warm and wet/ Albumen: cold and wet
Honey: neutral (depends on the plant and flower)
Sesame oil: warm and wet
Ghee and cow’s fat oil: warm and wet
Bitter almond oil: warm and wet
Olive oil: warm and dry
Brown sugar: warm and dry
Rose water: cold and wet,

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