The recommended diet before and during pregnancy:

People around us, society and Islamic guidelines give us recommendations on how to nurture our children to become healthy, brave, smart and humble individuals.

However, there are specific foods recommended by the Ahlul Bayt a.s. that can boost the potential for qualities such as intellectual ability, bravery, beauty and good mannerisms in children even before they are born. These foods are listed below:

? Wheat Sawiq
? Lubban / kondor / boswellia
? Sweet melon
? Pomegranate
? Pear
? Chicory

*Supplementary foods during pregnancy:*

? Soaked figs
? Blended apple and honey
? Sawiq of wheat
? Grape syrup 3 tablespoons daily (instead of iron tablets)
? Lamb or young goat meat instead of fish, chicken and beef
? Olives and olive oil (at least one tablespoon per day)
? Brown bread, sea salt, olive or sesame oil to replace refined white bread, iodized salt and frying oils.
? Avoiding fast foods, junk foods and factory-made foods.

?Following these tips can also help to reduce or eradicate morning sickness and food cravings, prevent constipation and remove the need for supplements.

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