Tips On How To Have A Healthy Diet

Whether consciously or not, most people’s diets have become quite unhealthy. As mentioned in previous articles, our diet has the power to prevent and cure diseases.

Many people ask us how to cure their health complaints and most of them simply just need to modify their diets. 
The most important primary factor is to eliminate all artificial foods from your diet and eat organically / naturally instead.
The next step, which allows us to remain healthy, fresh and energetic, is to remove / replace the following foods from our daily meals:

1- Oil:
99% of the sunflower oils in the market are a product of paraffin. This causes issues such as elevated (LDL) cholesterol levels, blockages in the heart veins, fatty liver, etc.
Healthy alternatives: a cording to Islamic sources it is highly recommended to use cow fat oil, ghee, sesame oil or olive oil for cooking.

2- Salt:
Though they are advertised as being healthy, table salt and iodized salt are not suitable for consumption! They are potentially toxic and actually cause issues such as thyroid imbalances. This is because the minerals and other nutrients are removed when they are processed and a synthetic form of iodine is added.
Healthy alternatives: the best salt to use is natural sea salt or rock salt. Amazingly, these actually treat health issues such as thyroid imbalances and nourish the body due to the high mineral and nutrient content.

3- Water:
Maybe it is not very realisic for everyone to have access to mineral or river clean water, but you should at least try to avoid any water that contains Chlorine and other chemicals. Drinking water that has been boiled (just until boiling point) then cooled, is also good.

4- Bread:
White bread has been stripped of most nutrients and provides little benefit. It causes constipation, diabetes, digestive issues, etc.
So if you care about your health, avoid pizzas, sandwiches, cakes and other foods containing white flour.
Healthy alternative: Use wholemeal bread as it is easy for the digestion and actually helps to cure health issues such as Anemia etc. The best is to make wholemeal bread at home and it is easier than people usually think!

5- Tomato paste:
If you buy tomato paste from the supermarket, then you should know that canned tomato pastes contain lots of additives and preservatives, which are terrible for the health.
Healthy alternative: Either buy from sellers who prepare tomato paste without additives or make it yourself at home as it is very easy to do!

6- White sugar:
The main culprit behind many diseases today is white sugar. White sugar is what remains when brown sugar is spun and the moist part or molasses is separated. All the nutrients remain in the molasses – so really when we use white sugar we are consuming the part that contains no nutrients and should really be thrown into the waste bin!
Healthy alternatives: replace white sugar with brown sugar made from sugarcane and not the one made from beetroot as this is actually unhealthy. Brown sugar is packed with nutritents and actually helps treat health issues such as diabetes!

7- Sodas, factory made juices & drinks:
Try to make fresh juices using various fresh fruits and vegetables at home. Just by doing this you are preventing cancers caused by preservatives, food colors, acids, etc and nourishing the body at the same time.

8- Factory made candies, chocolates, sweets, biscuits:
Again white sugar sneaks into your diet.
Healthy alternatives: For healthy snack options go for raisins, dried apricots, plums, almonds, figs, dates, etc which are healthy, natural and full of energy and iron.

9- Margarine:
If you were to visit a Margarine factory and see how it is made, you would realise that they use the same paraffin products as they use to make sunflower oil. If you value your heart and liver then do not even consider using these products!
Healthy alternatives: You can use cow fat (which is highly beneficial for the body for everyone under the age of 60), organic ghee or butters instead.

10 – Foods made from dough such as macaroni, lasagne, noodles, etc:
These foods are very difficult to digest and most of the time they cause constipation. Constipation is the mother of all diseases and can eventually lead to bowel cancer.
Healthy alternatives: macaroni, lasagne, noodles, etc. made from wholemeal wheat and rice flours. Sometimes pastas are made from lentils or beans and these are also fine.

11- Meats:
The healthieat meats are ones from lamb, sheep, young goat and camel. Forget about beef as the Holy Prophet (pbuh) says that beef is nothing but disease. Organic chicken and fish once in a while is good. Also, please don’t be cheated by advertisements that Fish is full of omega 3 so eat it as much as possible.
Fish if it’s not a pond fish, and chicken once or twice a month is enough. However, if you can completely avoid chicken then this is best. We will explain the reasons for this in future articles. Turkey is a good substitute for chicken.

12- Sausage:
The best way to know what you’re putting into your body is to make your sausages at home. Just google homemade sausage recipes. Factory-made sausages rarely use fresh and healthy meat and it is not 100% meat.

13- Frozen foods:
There is so much confusion regarding whether frozen foods are healthy or not. Let us clarify that keeping foods, especially meats, in the freezer can change their structure completely and frozen foods can be directly responsible for cancers.
The best way to get your shopping is by planning ahead and buying only as much as you need for that day. One of the secrets of those who lead long lives is that they never consume frozen foods.

This is the basic prescription regarding eating and staying healthy.

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