Tips on Drinking Water

11 Tips About Drinking Water in Islam:

? Water is one of the most important elements of life. As the Holy Quran says:
“We made from water every living thing.” ~ 21:30
Despite all the benefits of water, there are some wrong habits we adopt when drinking it that can cause serious diseases. Here are some examples:

?1- Drinking water at nights while standing:
? Imam Al Sadiq (a.s.) says: “Drinking water at night while standing causes fluid of excess yellow bile”.
In modern medicine this disease is called “ascites”.

?2-Drinking cold water:
Drinking cold water at anytime creates a layer of fat in the veins. The first organ to suffer damage is the liver. This is because it should maintain a temperature of 40°, but drinking cold water gives the liver extra work to warm up water with a temperature of around 0°. This results in forming some fat deposits in the liver. These fats will move into the veins and can block the main heart veins. When these fats are increased, something as simple as heavy exersice can lead to a heart attack and strokes.

?3- Drinking water after sour pickles, sweets, candies and fruits:
? Imam Al Redha says: ” Drinking water after warm food and after eating sweets can damage the teeth”.

?4- Drinking cold water in the bathroom:
? Imam Al Sadeq (a.s.) says: “Avoid drinking cold water when in the bathroom as it damages the tummy”.

?5- Drinking cool/cold water first thing in the morning or midnight:
? Imam Al Redha says : “In May you should avoid drinking water in the morning. In the month of August (middle of the summer) you can drink cool water first thing in the morning. In November (Autumn), you should generally reduce drinking water. In December (beggining of the winter), you should drink a cup of warm water in the morning.”

?6- Drinking water between foods:
? Imam Al Redha (a.s.) says: “The one who does not want his tummy to bother him, should avoid drinking water in the middle of his food as it reduces stomach acid, weakens the tummy and therefore the veins will not be able to absorb nutrition from the food…”

?7- Drinking water in one sip:
? The Holy Prophet (pbuh) says: ” In drinking water try to sip it slowly instead of gulping it in one go, otherwise it leads to liver pains”

?8- Drinking water after warm food:
? Imam Al Redha says: ” Drinking water after warm food will damage the teeth”.

?9- Drinking water from the broken part of a glass:
? The Holy Prophet (pbuh) says: “Avoid drinking water from the broken/cracked part of a glass or near the handle as that is the place of dirtiness”.

?10- Drinking while in Janabah:
? Imam Al Baqir (a.s.) : “The one who wants to eat or drink while in the state of Janabah, should first wash the face and hands and gargle with water, then start eating”

?11- Drinking water after fatty food:
? The Holy prophet (pbuh) says: Drinking water after fatty food gives the chance of tummy diseases.

?As a final point, it is best to drink fresh water only when you feel thirsty as the ?Holy prophet says, “Excess water can make the body perish in the same way as a plant perishes from excess water”.

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