Tips on how to cure bad breath

If your mouth doesn’t smell good when you wake up, it’s because either the mouth and teeth or it’s because of the steams coming up from the tummy.
If you usually brush your teeth but it’s still smelling, then you should cure the tummy.
Here are the tips how to simply solve the issue:

1- avoid eating supper (especially heavy meal) late night as digestion system starts its “self cleaning” after midnight

2- avoid sleeping immediately after supper; by sleeping the tummy stops functioning.

Avoid smoking and drinking excess black tea, coffee and soda .

3- An apple before sleeping every night, cleans both the mouth like a natural tooth brush and the tummy as well.

4- use natural traditional toothbrush Which not only cleans the teeth and strengthens the gums but also helps the digestion system

5- put some dried figs in a glass of water and leave it the whole night and drink that water and the figs in the morning

6- Follow the step 5 but instead of figs, put dried plums in the water. after a few hours, add some honey and drink the juice. that is a amazing juice helping the liver and tummy.

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