Tips on how to have a healthy and brilliant child:

Having a child is Islamic medicine is among the most emphasized topics for which there are many traditions and advises on how to have healthy and brilliant children. The preparations are both physical and spiritual. The holy Quran says: “your wives are your farms” meaning that to have a successful crop, you should plant in a proper time like spring, in a suitable place and fertile soil and of course taking care about the planted seed is another important task.

1- Physical Preparation:

Parents should have healthy body in order to have healthy children. There is a timetable for cleaning the body before having a child (will be discussed later) especially for mothers for all 9 months of pregnancy. They should avoid alcohol, smoking, fast foods etc. for example the Holy Prophet said: if a man eats pear, he will have a child with beautiful face. Or in other sources it’s said that in order to have a clever, kind, intelligent and brave child the pregnant woman should eat Boswellia. Or it’s said Chichory herb if eaten by man, the child would be boy and if eaten by woman, the child would be girl. sweet pomegranate is another miracle for pregnant women which affects the behavior and the beauty of their child.

2- Spiritual preparation:

From the first hour until the day of giving birth there are many tips and advices which need to be considered.
– Time of intercourse: You should avoid Wednesday and Sunday nights, the night of when the new moon is born, when it’s full and when it’s disappeared, as any of these times if the sperm joins the egg, the baby will be born with epilepsy. The nights when any natural disaster like earthquake, solar and lunar eclipse had happened during its day are not good time for intercourse as well. The best times of intercourse is Thursday, Friday and Monday nights (if it’s not matched when the moon is born, full and disappeared).
– Place of intercourse: it should be in a covered room (not under sky), not under a tree with fruits, not in the ship (or in the sea). It should be in a private and silent place where the couple are in peace and nobody can see or hear them. Music or other sounds affects the sperm as well as talking during intercourse.
– Other tips: man should avoid looking at his wife’s private part during intercourse as it can cause the baby to be born blind. The holy prophet said: Man should not think about another woman during intercourse as the baby born out of that will be stupid. The intercourse should be in a time when the man is not full or hungry and it should not be in early night as it causes many diseases for man, so late night intercourse can make the child brilliant and intelligent, as The holy prophet said: Avoid doing intercourse while standing as the child born out of that will have Nocturia (or the habit of peeing at nights). Intercourse with the woman who is in her period is prohibited in Islam and it’s said that the baby born out of that will be mad.

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