What is Noorah?


? Nooreh is a natural hair removal powder. It is well known in traditional and Islamic medicine books and referred to as “White gold”. For various reasons nooreh is more than just a hair removal powder. For example, in women it acts as a protection against fungal and infectious diseases in their private parts. Or if applied under the armpits, it protects against breast cancer. Quite simply, nooreh removes toxins from the body via the skin. There are so many Ahadith and narrations quoted by the Ahlul Bayt (a.s) advising us to use nooreh. There are even specific duas to be recited while applying nooreh.

? Imam Al Sadeq (a.s) said: shaving is better than waxing and applying nooreh is better than shaving.

? In another hadith he says: use nooreh every 15 days. If 20 days pass and you did not have money to buy Nooreh, borrow money to get it, as Allah will pay you back.

? Imam Ali (a.s) said: Nooreh is cleanliness and refreshment.

? Nooreh not only removes the hair of armpits and private parts but also removes toxins from the body.

? Applying Nooreh on the armpits increases the vision and strengthens the shoulders and prevents breast cancer in women. Applying nooreh on private parts prevents kidney and bladder cancers and diseases.

? Imam Al Kadhim (a.s.) says: long hair on the body parts reduces fertility in men and causes laziness. Removing this hair helps the kidneys and strengthens the body.

? In another source it is narrated that Imam Al Sadeq (a.s) says, poverty remains far from the one who applies Nooreh and applies Henna on all of his/her body after doing so.

? Imam Al Redha (a.s) also explains the benefits of using nooreh in his book Risalat Al Dhahabia. He says that intercourse should be avoided 12 hours before applying nooreh and also advises people to wash the area with cold water before the application of nooreh.

❌ It is also recommended to avoid applying nooreh on Wednesdays.

✅ Hopefully the points made so far are enough to convince you to use nooreh, at least every 15 days if not more than that!



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