What is traditional medicine?

What is traditional medicine?
In traditional of each country you might find some kind of herbal medicine related to that area. But among these countries, China, India and Persia have the most professional and oldest herbal medicine.
There are difference between herbal medicine and traditional medicine since herbal medicine is mostly based on how to get cured using herbs, but traditional medicine can be a mixture of using herbs and some spiritual activities. In other words, herbal medicine is mostly herbal based and traditional medicine which is more general based on herbs and specific prayers.
Persian or Islamic medicine is from the second group, it is a combination of using herbs and spiritual activities and disseises got cured by this medicine are both physical and spiritual. For years this medicine was famous in Middle East where Europeans used to translate and teach the books of Persian Muslim experts, Avicenna is among the most brilliant scientist who boosted this science and today his famous book in medicine “Rules in Medicine” is still used and taught at universities of the world.
There is an interesting historical fact that in 18th century when British penetrated into Persia, they realized the number of people dying because of diseases in this country is tremendously low. People are very healthy and there is no hospital. Since people go to their traditional medicine experts to get cured. The result of their research was that Iranian are using 2 method which has kept them healthy: regular Cupping (Hijamah) and drinking herbal drinks. Also their eating habit of eating ONLY breakfast and supper was another reason to make them healthy and having long lives. No lunch…!

Today’s traditional medicine experts have found amazingly cures for different diseases such as early AIDS, schizophrenia, diabetes, many cancers, etc. but since the big companies of chemical medicines have taken control of the world’s medicine, the effort of these groups would be never known and these cures which is herbal cures would be never introduced to the people.
That’s why we are trying here to provide this knowledge to all people and they know that they can be cured very simply by some home remedies instead of going to different doctors and using chemical medicines.

Unlike classic medicine, this type of medicine is not based on observation, meaning that your doctor might scan your body and tells you that your kidney for example is OK and is good, while your kidney is dried up according to this medicine. Parkinson, Diabetes, MS, and so many other diseases are cured in this medicine, whether you believe or not.

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