what you MUST know about Constipation !

Constipation is an illness which is not taken seriously while it’s the source of many other diseases. In a normal and healthy body, a heavy meal approximately takes at most 1 hour or less to be digested meaning that after one hour after the meal, the defecation should happen and extra stuff must go out of the body. So a normal person should defecate 3 times a day, one for each meal.
Now imagine that because of our wrong eating habits, the waste remains in the intestines for the whole day and since the intestine has a high power of absorption, it would absorb the waste materials and releases it into the blood. That blood circulated towards the heart, though these materials cannot enter the heart, but it will affect other organs such as kidney, liver and that’s the start of many other diseases. Fruits like pineapple help the digestion as well as eating vegetables and avoiding white floor breads (which is used in pizza, sandwiches, burgers, baguettes, etc) and foods like macaroni, beef, etc are the common reasons of constipation.

to check up your health status, first check how many times you have defecation in a day. if it’s less than 2 times, work seriously on your diet to solve this issue

3 thoughts on “what you MUST know about Constipation !

  1. Farsi says:

    Please can you advise a full list of foods to be avoided by those who are regularly constipated and what they should eat instead. JazakAllah

  2. Altaf Husain says:

    Need a detailed post on constipation, its natural cure, and what type of foods to be avoided etc. etc.

    1. admin says:

      soon will post about it

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