Which food fits your body?

Which food fits your body?

The body of each person reacts to certain foods differently. have you noticed sometimes immediately after eating a banana you feel that you must go to the toilet RIGHT AWAY! but some other people after eating banana find a pimple growing on their face or in their mouth. or For example some people after eating cucumber feel tummy ache but it cools some other people down. These are the effects of the foods we eat, which can be a medicine for one and poison for another person.  Like lamb which is known as the best type of meat, can be the cure of so many diseases while for some people even smelling a cooked lamb causes painful headaches.

Imam Reza says: “Find out your body’s nature and then eat according to your nature”

After knowing briefly about your nature in previous article, here you’ll know the nature of the foods:

  • Warm and Wet:

Beans, wheat, peanuts, sesame, potato, red cabbage, turnip, carrot, black berry, melon, cherry, grapes, sweat pear, olive, pineapple, mango, sweat apple, papaya, lamb, normal chicken ( i.e grown normally, not industrialized), turkey, etc.

  • Warm and Dry:

Walnut, bitter almond, hazelnut, onion, garlic, cabbage, chili, eggplant, dates, banana, camel meat, cocoa, saffron, coffee, pistachio, coconut, pepper, mint, ginger, turmeric, cinnamon

  • Cold and Wet:

Dairy products (e.g Milk, yogurt, cream, butter), rice, mushroom, green peas, lotus, spinach, strawberry, cucumber, tomato, lemon, kiwi, orange, sour apple, pomegranate, apricot, sour cherries, watermelon, fish, goat meat, etc.

  • Cold and Dry:

Cheese, maize, malt, lentil, soda, all junk foods (industrial crisp, chips, chocolates, candies, biscuits, etc), beef and most of fast foods such as pizza, sandwiches, etc.

This may look funny, but thousands of people are getting cured from SO MANY diseases you can never think about, by making a healthy food schedule.

Based on these simple info, you can find the cure of so many diseases. just like mathematics, when you know the cause of a diseases, you can choose your medicine according to that. for example if you usually have headaches at nights before sleeping or early morning when you wake up, that’s because the procedure of “sleeping” is cold, so those with excess coldness in their body would get such headaches. the cure is easy. something warm will help them. it can be a cup of coffee, or cup of warm water+a table spoon of honey + a little ginger or cinnamon. or just smelling a warm perfume/flower like Rose or Jasmine will help, that’s all.

By knowing the nature of these sample daily foods, now you can manage your eating habits. If you’re for example a bit chubby, not really energetic, sleep a lot, quite calm and not in RUSH, sweat in simple activities, and your palm is usually moist, you’re most probably from the third group, cold and wet natured, if you don’t take care of yourself, you can becomes fatter and fatter, and the chance of heart attacks in this group is high, so you should reconsider your eating habits in order your body goes back to normal. The simple beginning is that you should avoid foods with cold and wet nature or at least eat a warm natured food after that, or like you should COMPLETELY forget about drinking water or soda with your food or immediately after your food because that disturbs the digestion process and doesn’t let your food to be digested and absorbed properly. plus that after some time that can cause serious damages to the digestion system.

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  1. Mrs Merchant says:

    I have cold n dry body type which type of food Should I take??

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