Some Facts About Infertility

?? Our bodies are based on a warm core temperature. Our blood is warm and the organs are supposed to be kept in a warm and humid environment. Other warm elements (such as warm-natured foods, a warm climate and a warm body temperament), help us to function better and lead a longer life.

?? Infertility, if not by external causes (such as surgery or damage to the reproductive organs), mainly occurs when the reproductive organs become cold.

❄Coldness of an organ occurs due to a wrong diet (fast foods, smoking, consuming cold-natured foods, etc.) or wrong behaviors (being around negative energies such as wifi, 3G, microwaves, and others) or having wrong habits (such as sitting or driving for a long time) all of these gradually make the body cold.
These statements are supported by official research and statistics. The incidence of infertility in warm climate countries or women who consume warm-natured foods is much lower than countries with cold climates and women who consume warm-natured foods.
For example, countries with highest rate of fertility are Nigeria, Burundi, Mali, Somali, Uganda and many African countries, as they all have a tropical climate. Whilst countries with cold climates like Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Japan, Italy, Greece, etc. are ranked at the bottom of this list as countries with lowest rate of fertility. In a developed country like Japan, elements such as a cold and humid climate as well as eating fish and rice as their staple food are the cause of increased coldness in the body, since fish and rice are considered cold and wet natured foods in Islamic Medicine.

ℹ Sometimes, Infertility is also a plan to control the world’s population. For example NSSM200 is a plan by Henry Kissinger approved by U.S. in 1975. It says:
“Since the “U.S. economy will require large and increasing amounts of minerals from abroad” and the countries can produce destabilizing opposition forces against the US, the population of the world should be controlled by U.S. (1)
GMO products and packaged products are one of their methods to cause Infertility among their victims.

?✔In order to cure infertility, scholars in Islamic Medicine use methods to make the body warm since sperm issues in men and womb issues in women such as cysts, mium, fibrum, etc. are all caused by coldness. A healthy and suitable diet prepares the body for having healthy and intelligent children.

? However, we should never forget the power of dua (supplication / prayer). A prayer can change things even if it is giving a child (Yahya) to a 120 year old Zakaria and his 98 year old wife, Hanna who was infertile throughout her life.

? To conclude, the lifestyle that Islam & Islamic Medicine teach us to follow perfectly prepare us both spiritually and mentally for a healthy family and healthy generations to come. Hence, increasing our connection and relationship with God and creating a more natural life for ourselves such as spending more time being around nature, eating fresh and organic foods etc. all help us to reduce stress and lead healthier lives.

(Statistics by CIA website, 2016 estimation)

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