What is your nature?!

What is your nature?!

Knowing your nature is the first step of knowing traditional medicine. Usually we recommend that an expert should check you and tells you about your nature but here you can check the symptoms and can guess your original nature or the exceeded nature of your body. Note that we have all 4 types of these natures in our body. But one or two of them is our original (born with) nature. And sometimes because of our eating habit, any of these 4 can be exceeded in your body.

People are like the 4 elements of the nature. Either they are Water or Fire or like Air or Dust.

  • Those who are like water (cold and wet) they have the habits of water. They are so emotional, they cry easily, they can live in any circumstances they don’t usually keep secrets! And they are talkative. Like water in a glass that you can see through, they also don’t keep things in their heart and they are frank. Their physical features: they are a bit chubby, but their body structure is not big. If they exercise they easily come into shape, but if they don’t exercise they can turn into being chubby. Their tongue is usually whitish and they are not really energetic and they can sleep for long time. Actually they LOVE sleeping specially in a rainy or cloudy weather.


  • Those who are like Fire (Warm and Dry) they are always in rush! They have many things in their mind to do, they usually speak fast, walk fast and eat fast. They may do wonderful activities or like traveling and going out a lot. Venturing and swimming for example. Their physical features: They have long fingers and bones, they’re usually tall, they’re not fat, and their nose sometimes is a bit bigger than others. If they don’t care, they’ll find that their mouth is smelly when they wake up in the mornings or when they don’t eat anything for a few hours. Though there is a simple cure for this disease in case you’re from this type.



  • Those with Air type of nature (Warm and wet) are energetic people, they work hard and they can sleep little, they can be good managers. They are also active in their daily life. Their body features: they can be either chubby or muscle made. Red cheeks usually, they blush, big structured body, not much hair on their hands or chest (for men). Their body has enough blood, so they would never have Anemia. And of course they have a powerful sexual ability. According to Avicenna, if they keep themselves healthy, their body has the capability of living for 250 years if God allows that!



  • Finally those with Dust type of nature are those who are not talkative, calm, they prefer a silent world, a corner to sit and think and think. Not so active, nor energetic, but usually very clever and keen. Just like dust, they don’t like being in public or group of friends, and of course it’s difficult to change their minds. Their physical features: they are slimy, maybe short and usually with dry skins. In girls they have anemia usually and easily they get cold and flu if they don’t care.


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