Ladies Diseases in Islamic / Traditional Medicine

Most female reproductive system diseases are due to coldness.

?Things to Avoid:

❌ Taking a shower during menstruation
❌ Sitting in cold places (grass, stone, ceramic, plastic etc. surfaces)
❌ Using tight underwear or synthetic made ones
❌ Eating industrial hormone-laden chickens and cold-natured foods are the most common reasons for such diseases.

ℹ️ After following the tips above you can follow the instructions below:

? Home remedies to cure Ovarian cysts and frequent vaginal infections:

There are numerous cases where ladies with large cysts have been cured after following this prescription.

? There was one lady with a shocking 2 kg cyst who was cured after 2 to 3 months!

✔️ Boiled Fennel seed tea + one tablespoon of honey every night (any time of the month m except during menstruation)
✔️ Eating warm-natured foods: 7 dates per day, grapes, olives, Ardé or Tahini, ‘séshire’ (grape, berry and date syrup), honey, etc.
✔️ Massaging the ovaries using ginger oil
✔️ One teaspoon of Dosin every night (or every 12 hrs)
✔️ Applying 10cc honey in the vagina for 1 to 3 nights
✔️ Doing suction (dry) cupping on the back and on the ovaries 14 times: once every two nights. (You can either buy a suction toolkit or simply use a few tea cups and do the suction using a piece of cotton. We’ll send a video on how to do suction cupping at home).
✔️ General hijamah (between the shoulders) after one month.

?? How to cure womb infections :

?If it is infectious with an itchy feeling: one glass of natural vinegar + 3 liters of boiled and warm water should be poured in a bath tub then the patient should bathe in it for half an hour. This should be done 7 to 14 days in a row.
? If there is no itching (infection only): applying 10cc of honey into the vagina, 7 to 14 nights, every night.


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