Benefits of Henna

Benefits of Henna:

#Henna is another natural herb that is highly recommended in Islamic sources to be a part of our lifestyle.

?It has a warm nature and removes toxins. It also removes excess humidity of the body through the skin.
#Noorah as a natural mineral powder and #Henna as a herbal detoxifying powder are both not only beneficial for the body but they are considered and mentioned as #Sunnah in Islamic sources.

? Imam Sajjad (a.s.) quotes from the holy Prophet (p.b.u.h): “Apply Henna (on your beard and/or hair) as it improves the vision, gives fresh smell and it gives peace to the wife.” 1

?In another Hadith the holy Prophet (p.b.u.h) says:
“Apply Henna as it increases the rewards of good deeds performed by a believer, cures headaches, improves the vision, increases sexual ability and it is the master of herbs in Dunya and hereafter.”2

?There are other Ahadith talking about the benefits of Henna that demonstrate just how valuable it is. However, it is sad that we barely know about these or apply what we know and we really need to become more active in doing so.

?From a medical perspective, Henna removes excess Balqam from the depths of the body and when applied on the hands and legs, it cures the issue of cold hands and feet.

??It is a natural cure for fungal skin diseases, burnt skin, it perfectly cures and strengthens hair growth, etc.
? 1- Al-kafi, vol.6, page 483
? Bihar Al-Anwar, vol.62, page 299

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