Which Sesame Oil?

?? ?Sesame is a great seed. It is full of calcium and also a cure for many diseases due to its warm nature.

✅ There are two methods to extract sesame oil and each method is used for a specific purpose:

?Cold pressing is the most common method where oil from the whole raw sesame seed is extracted using machines that do not get very hot. This type of oil is to be used for External purposes only, such as massaging and other topical uses. The reason for this is that the oil produced this way is too heavy to be digested, which makes it harmful for the liver if used as a food and can lead to fatty liver.
Traditional medicine books state that the oil extracted through this method is not edible and it will not have a good nutritional value.

?For the second method, sesame seeds are soaked in clean salty water, then strained and roasted while adding water to them. The seeds are then ground (usually using stone grinders). Once this is done, the product will be called Ardè (ارده) in Farsi.
The liquid part is separated from the solid and the oil will now be referred to as ‘sesame Ardè oil’.
The finished product is extremely healthy. It removes toxins from the body, it is good for constipation (and makes a good laxative), good for asthma, dry cough, lung issues, full of calcium and more. Finally, this type is the best replacement for ordinary frying oils.

✔️So the next time you buy sesame oil, make sure you buy the right type for your needs!

? Islamic Medicine Group

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