How to Cure Blood Clots

?The primary causes of death in the world today are heart attacks and cancers. Heart attacks usually occur when fats or balqam (mucus) create clots in the main heart veins. This is mainly due to consumption of cold liquids and unhealthy frying oils.

?There are various solutions for dissolving fat and removing blockages or clots naturally without any need for surgery.

✔️ *Islamic medicine prescription:*

?Eating one teaspoon of Espandh (edible one only) every night for 120 days.
??Before eating Espandh, you should rub the seeds between your palms. They should then be swallowed but not chewed.
? Lamb boiled in milk
? Shafie medicine, half teaspoon every night

✔️ *Traditional medicine prescription:*

? Mix 10 parts of fresh lemon concentrate with 7 bulbs of garlic (cooked is better, otherwise raw is ok), 3 units of honey and a pinch of saffron. One teaspoon before or after breakfast and one after dinner.

➕Another way to make it is by adding water and making it into a juice: ?? Blend 3 bulbs of garlic with 5 large lemons or 15 miniature limes (remove the seeds but leave the skin) and 1 liter of water. Leave it to simmer on a low heat. Once it starts boiling take it off the gas and leave it to cool down. Filter it and keep it in the fridge. Half a cup of this mixture should now be consumed daily before or after your main meals.
This concoction is a famous and brilliant recipe for dissolving clots.

? Serkeangabin juice – one cup to be taken every 12 hrs
? Using suction cups on the shoulders 21 times, once every two days
? Hijamah (between the shoulders) once a month for 3 months
? Avoiding cold-natured foods and liquids
? Ardé or sesame paste with grape syrup (or se shire) for breakfast daily

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  1. Rahat Naz says:

    Does the recipe of garlic and lemon is good to dissolve brain clots as well ?
    For this purpose do we have to follow all the above mentioned points or pick any one of them .please reply soon .

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