How To Prepare Meat

When a halal animal is slaughtered properly the blood is supposed to come out draining the animal’s body of all its blood.

To achieve this, the 4 veins should be cut and the head should remain in tact until the blood is fully drained.

However, what happens at slaughter houses is that they cut the whole head in order to save time. This hinders the blood from draining completely. The blood that remains inside can also be economical to the seller as it allows the meat to be sold up to 1 kg heavier than it would have been.

Anyway, if we consume this meat with the extra blood remaining, firstly, it makes the food less tasty and secondly such meat causes bad breath.

So if you want to cook and you have no other option than to use such meat, there is a way to drain this meat of its blood:
??First wash the meat.
??Secondly boil it in a pot for a few minutes so that the veins open up and release the excess blood.
??You then throw this water away and add fresh water then continue cooking your meat as normal.
?This procedure makes the meat tastier and healthier to eat.

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