Islamic Healthy Diet

? What to eat on empty stomach?

? 12 pieces of black raisins (which has seeds),
? one teaspoon of honey with 3 or 5 pieces of black seed (to be chewed),
? one ripe apple,
? one blended red apple with 1 spoon of honey,
? one small bunch of grapes

? What can we eat for breakfast?

? 1 cup of fresh cow milk+7 dates;
? 1 table spoon of multi syrup (grape, date, fig and mulberry)
? 1 small cup of thyme, lavender or cinnamon;
? 1 or 2 table spoon of sawiq of wheat, barley or apple; dry as is or mixed with olive oil. For children it is better to add brown sugar as well;
? 1 teaspoon of brown sugar (which is like paste;
? 1 teaspoon of multi herb honey;
? 1 piece of boiled turnip;
? Whole wheat bread with carrot or quince jam;
? Toast bread with ghee or beef tallow;
? Haleem (wheat porridge) which is made on Islamic way;
? Soups made from grains, rice or vegetables with added moderators;
? One bowl of boiled chickpeas or natural broad bean;
? 7 pieces of dates;
? Fresh orange juice or sweet melon juice + date

❌ Lunch, a wrong habit

In Islamic rituals there is no such meal as lunch. Instead we should eat a proper breakfast and then eat dinner immediately after Salatul Ishaa. It is from the begging of Islam that there has been no such meal as lunch. It only became a habit during the time of Muawiah. Eating lunch makes a person feel fatigue and low energy during the day as oppose to avoiding it, which brings health and freshness. It also helps us to have more energy to do our daily activities. In order to be able to skip lunch you can try having cooked and heavier meals for breakfast and snacking on fruits, nuts and dry fruits during the day. You can also bring the time for dinner earlier and then gradually make it later and later until you are able to wait until after salatul Ishaa.

? What can we eat during the day?

As we mentioned, eating any meal between breakfast and dinner is harmful for our temperament and body. However, in case you find yourself feeling famished, the following items can be consumed as they are not considered a “meal”:
?A few pieces of Senjed;
?Honey+lemon drink;
?Fruits like pomegranate, carrot, apricot, pear, quince, date, figs;
?Lettuce + Sekanjebin
?A few spoons of sawiq
?A piece of bread with beef tallow or tahini
?Chewing luban
?Blended red apple+honey
?Chicory drink
?Boiled turnip or broad bean or organic corn
?Celery seeds or Khakshir drink
?Turnip water+honey

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