Replacement For Chemical Vaccinations In Islamic Medicine

? Annual Hijamah (from 4 years old to above)
? Playing with sand/dust in childhood
? Inhaling Boswellia and Espand seeds smoke weekly
? Eating garlic, cooked or raw weekly
? Using natural vinegar in the food
? Starting and finishing the meals with a tip of salt
? The habit of eating figs
? Using olive oil in the food
? Smelling Narcissus flower
? Puting a bit of Turbat of Karbala in the new born baby’s mouth
? Keep applying olive oil on the body
? The habit of eating apple and turnip
? wearing a ring with Aqiq Yamani stone
? Avoiding fast foods, ordinary frying oils, factory processed foods inorder to prevent damage to the body’s immunity
? Keep eating Sawiq
? Being far from dangerous rays (wifi, ,3G, Mobile, etc) as much as possible

?? These habits protect the children from getting sick easily and for years and years these methods were used to protect children in their childhood and adolescence.

? Islamic medicine group
? @Med4all

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